Stop Aspiring

By Bryan Ward

Yes, stop aspiring.

This "elevate your thinking"...

"Set your sights higher"...

"Conceive and believe"...

It won’t save you.

I know it gives us the shivers.

But it's all wistful grist for someone else's mill.

We think too highly of high thinking.

For high thinking is easy: men like you and I, we've no shortage.

But if aspiring was our true fulcrum, you'd be on your throne already.

Here's the truth:

It's not the heights we aspire to but the FLOOR WE PUT UP WITH that determines our place.

We rise to the level of our lowest toleration.

If you're ready to go to the next level with your


...stop aspiring.

Jonesing gets you jack.

Set yourself a new minimum standard, then thrash like a drowning man to claw your way up to that higher surface.

Smelling the rose gets you no where.

But the thorn in your ass can move mountains.